Opening a new Therapy Clinic?

May 09, 2019

Opening a new Therapy Clinic?

Opening a new Therapy Clinic? 

Are you a new Physio, Massage, or Chiropractic therapist? Looking to open your own therapy clinic practice, or perhaps you've rented an office from another therapist clinic in the past, and now you want to open your own therapy clinic space? 

Either way, new or experienced, if you haven't had to deal through the start up of a therapy clinic you'll want to read this post first. 

Below are the top items we wish all therapists would do when opening their own clinic office space.

  1. Expensive equipment is not always the best equipment for you

As technology improves, equipment gets less expensive. This is true in many types of physical rehabilitation equipment. 

True laser therapy is an old technology, now replaced by the innovation of super luminous LED diodes. The LED diodes are significantly less expensive while still creating equivalent results. 

Shockwave therapy is another avenue you can take with your therapy clinic. Compressor based systems is older technology, now replaced by electromagnetic systems.

  1. Pick up the phone

Many clinic owners won’t pick up the phone and call their suppliers. When you call us we make sure you get the equipment that you actually need.

This can save thousands of dollars even if you think you’ve been shopping smart.Many distributors will price match, we go beyond that wherever we can. We extend special discounts that will last all year and offer service that cannot be matched. This is where picking up the phone can save you much time and money.

  1. Set up a retail section in your clinic

Rent is getting more expensive. You can offset some costs by recommending and actively selling therapy products to your clients that they can administer at home in between their therapy appointments. Selling to your patients can be awkward at first, but once you understand the service it is providing to your patients and their wellbeing, it will become routine. If you want some input on how to start a retail section, contact us at any time by phone or email

  1. Buy for quality

Saving a few dollars when just starting out can sound appealing, but you will pay for it later.

quality physiotherapy tables

A cheap treatment table is cheap for a reason. You are risking your equipment breaking down, even during treatment, losing a day of therapy treatment visits, or more depending on how fast you can get it replaced. But quality can be purchased for less in the long run. We are here to provide options that will help you stay in budget and get everything you need to open your new therapy clinic doors.

  1. Partner with a distributor that will help you grow

At HealthMed Distributors, we help you any way we can. And part of our service extends to selling quality used equipment, and helping you sell your old quality equipment.

We also pick up the phone and walk you through the operation of equipment, even when we’ve done it before, we will still answer your calls. It’s important to be available to our customers. 

  1. Work with a supplier that offers repair services

      At HeathMed we do our own repairs. Even our sales reps are trained in basic fixes. We always try our best to help our customers get their equipment working right away, because we know when your equipment is down you lose money.  

Sometimes we can walk you through the repair on the phone so that you can be up and running right away. Having repairs done from the company that supplied you the equipment is usually faster and less expensive than using a secondary repair source. We want our customers to be happy and have very successful therapy clinics.

Your success is our success!





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