Hydrocollator Maintenance

November 14, 2023

Hydrocollator Maintenance

Most physiotherapy clinics have a hydrocollator to keep their hot packs hot and ready to use, but every once in awhile it has to be maintained to keep everything running smoothly

Full Water Changes

We recommend doing a full water change every week. Remove all packs then take your hydrocollator to the sink, or outside and empty it completely. Be careful, the water is hot! Wash out any residue that has settled at the base of the tank.

Refill the hydrocollator and plug it back in and put the packs back

Check The Temperature

The temperature of your hydrocollator should be set between 150-180 degrees. If it is set too high, the tank will trip the emergency shut off switch. If it is too low, you run the risk of growing bacteria in the tank

The temperature can be adjusted by easily turning the temperature know. Be sure to recheck the temperature until you are sure that it has settled

Common Issues with Hydrocollators

Check for any unusual smells. If the hydrocollator is smelly, change the water, check the temperature and consider getting new hot packs

If the hot packs have any black spots or have physically started to break, it is time for new hot packs

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