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Eurolift 2003 - KOR Tables

The Eurolift 2003 is the most commonly ordered therapy table by Kor Innovations

The high quality of the KOR Eurolift tables will withstand heavy use in any therapy clinic environment. This is the therapists table that you buy once and maintain for many years to come. 

The headrest and leg section is kept in place by friction locks which will ensure you maintain a solid table and sections that never slip out of place.

The German Hanning motor used in the KOR Innovation Therapy Tables are the best in their class. They are extremely reliable. We see motors like these lasting well over 10 years with no issues. And with regular maintenance for style and function, you can get many more years. 

The Kor Eurolift 2003 therapy table has little wiring. The foot pedal works on an air lock. Less wiring equals less components to breakdown. 

The Kor Eurolift 2003 was specially designed for small treatment rooms. As the table raises it stays in place until the very highest setting, which only sees a drift back by a few inches.  

Kor therapy tables are also upholstered in high grade Spirit Millennium Naugahyde; rated to 250,000 double rubs.

The Kor Eurolift 2003 Therapy Table comes in a standard measurement that is semi customizable to allow for a smaller or larger top in both length and width, to accommodate your clinic needs

It really is one of the most awesome therapy tables available on the market today.

Width: 26" / 660mm (other widths available)

Length: 77" / 1955mm

Height Range: 18" - 37" / 460mm - 940mm


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