The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Right Physiotherapy Table

September 11, 2023

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Right Physiotherapy Table

Choosing the right physiotherapy treatment table is no minor decision. The difference between a reliable, durable table and one that causes headaches in maintenance can impact the efficiency of your practice. From the mechanisms that support various sections to the type of upholstery and motor, every detail counts. Learn about the features that make a long lasting treatment table

1. The Motor - The Most Important Part

Treatment tables are powered by either AC or DC motors. AC motors like the German hanning motor are known as the best in the industry. This is what the Kor innovations treatment tables use, and we are huge fans for the incredible longevity

AC motors use the same strength to push the motor throughout the span of the the table's lift. This causes less stress on the motor

DC motors are easily identified by their external box which converts the electricity. Additional parts means one more thing that can break.

DC motors require additional strength to lift when the treatment table is in the low positions. This causes additional stress on the motor, decreasing longevity

2. Wiring - Simplifying Maintenance

Minimizing potential repair points can streamline the maintenance journey.

Air Pressure Controlled - Motors that connect to their foot pedal by an air hose are highly reliable. If there is ever a break in the hose, simply cut and the break and plug it back in. No expensive repairs needed.

Physical Wires - between the motor and foot pedal are very common. Breaks in wired connections generally need to be diagnosed by a technician to find exactly which part is broken. This leads to downtime while the repair is being done and additional downtime if parts need to be ordered

3. Gas Struts Vs Friction Locks

The choice between choosing a table with gas struts or friction locks sets the tone for your table's longevity.

Gas Struts -Are made in various grades ranging from extremely inexpensive to higher quality. They are seen on most imported treatment tables. What all gas struts have in common is that they will eventually loose their compression which will result in headrests and leg sections that can not reliably hold weight. This is one of our least favourite features on a treatment table because replacing and repairing gas struts is difficult and requires your table to be out of service

Friction locksAre the solution that provides the greatest longevity and best durability. When pressure is put onto a friction lock, it locks harder, meaning that as your table ages, you will not have spongy head or leg sections

Replacing gas struts cost can vary. We generally see Strut repair or replacement starting at $175+ per strut. A treatment table can have up to 4 struts on it at one time, Whereas a friction lock will likely never need to be repaired

4. Upholstery

All upholstery will need to be replaced eventually. However, The upholstery that your treatment table comes with will determine how often it needs to be replaced. Here are some things to consider

Rub Count -A standard measure of how much abrasion a vinyl can handle before it degrades. Vinyl for physiotherapy tables can have huge differences in durability. High end treatment table vinyl generally has a rub count of 1.5 Million + whereas low end tables have rub counts of less than 100,000. If your treatment table has a low rub count, you will be replacing it significantly sooner than a high rub count vinyl

Availability in North America -Many imported physiotherapy tables use vinyls that are not readily available in North America. This means that when it comes time to reupholster your physiotherapy table, you will not be able to find a perfectly matching vinyl. If you do choose one of these tables. We recommend getting it in Black, since it is least recognizable when the vinyls don't match perfectly

5. Customize Your Table

Your treatment table will be the most used item in your clinic. By choosing a custom designed treatment table you can choose every aspect of your treatment table and even include attachments so that it grows with you as your clinic grows.

Leave plenty of time when designing a table like this since each table will be made to order and be sure to ask us what we have in stock.

A good quality treatment table should have options that can be added after the fact. Here are some of our favourite upgrades that can be added onto a Kor Innovations treatment table

Dual Cushion Headrest - This can change a regular physio table into a table that can reasonably be used for both physiotherapy and massage treatments

Casters and Surround Foot Bar - If you want to save money when buying a good quality physiotherapy table, consider leaving out some options which can be added on later. Casters (wheels) and a surround foot bar (which allows you to adjust the table form anywhere around the table) can be ordered separately and installed after the fact

Inserts at the foot end of the table - This must be added on at the factory. Inserts will allow you to add a table extender if you anticipate having extra tall patients or if you would like an additional massage crescent at the foot end of your treatment table


Discover The Kor Innovations Treatment Table Here

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✅ 1.5 Million Rub Count Upholstery

✅ Highly Customizable



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