New Therapy Table Differences

July 16, 2019

New Therapy Table Differences

What are the main differences between the 1000 and 2000 Series lines of therapy tables?

1000 Series Therapy Tables:

The 1000 Series is a high quality economy line of tables and comes as is; you cannot add upgrades after the purchase.

The no add-on base table is to provide therapy clinics with lower price furniture and equipment options.  Although sometimes, depending on sales and other events, we are able to offer certain 2000 series tables at the same cost as a 1000 series table. (Contact us anytime for more price details)

The 1000 Series therapy tables will work well for less busy clinics, or a start-up clinic on a limited budget. 

New Therapy Clinic Tables


The 2000 Series Therapy Tables:

An upgraded frame design allows the table to have a greater height range. It can go as low as 18” which is wheelchair transfer height.

The 2000 Series Therapy Tables also allow for height adjustment bars all the way around the table, not just one side. 

Along with the height range and adjustment bar options, the stronger frame allows for a smoother and sturdier rise and descend. The shifting from one side to the next when the bed is being raised or lowered is also limited to a few inches of space. Taking up less space in your therapy room when the table is in motion is great for smaller treatment rooms.

The stronger frame is great for busier clinics when tables are in constant use through the average work day/week.

With a variety of other options that can be ordered with the 2000 Series tables or added on afterwards, the 2000 Series is recommended for busier clinics as well as smaller treatment rooms.Physiotherapy tables new to buy

Call us at 1-800-248-1661 or email us anytime, to discuss these and more differences on both lines of therapy tables. 



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