Therapy Shuttle Machine Maintenance Tips

July 06, 2019

Therapy Shuttle Machine Maintenance Tips

Shuttle Maintenance Tips

The Shuttle is a very robust piece of equipment and fairly simple to care for.  The frame is solid metal but there are wearable parts.

  • All parts that wear can be replaced.

Therapy Clinic Shuttle Machine


  1. Lubricate the cords once a month.
    1. The shuttle cords are made from natural rubber and will begin to crack over time causing a loss of strength.
    2. Lubricated regularly will help your shuttle last for years of quality usage.
  1. Wipe the tracks where the carriage rolls. Dust and dirt will collect
  1. If you have heavy dirt spray with WD40 to loosen dirt first, then wipe


When in doubt, call us at 1-800-248-1661.

We are happy to help you through maintenance requirements anytime.

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