Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aids

September 13, 2019

Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aids

Physiotherapy Exercise Support

General Purpose Gripping Aids by Active Hands are often recommended to people with limited grasp ability. Reasons for the lack of grip strength vary from spinal cord injury to a stroke or even mild to severe arthritis in the hands.

How Active Hand Gripping Aids Work

The active hands glove fits over the hand, allowing an item to be inserted into the palm and held without relying on grip strength. 

Assist Gloves for use in Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Having a selection of simple tools in a therapy clinic is a must have in order to be prepared for a variety of patients that you will see on a daily basis. 

  • Patients that have experienced a stroke or severe arthritis may find activities such as holding on to your pulley system too difficult or holding on to the handles of your recumbent stepper difficult.
  • Even working with light 1 lb. dumbbells or doing light resistance cycles on an ergometer may be difficult for your patients.

Assisting Gloves for Use at Your Patients Home

If your patients are having trouble gripping in the clinic, they likely have the same issue at home.

They can use Active Hands for exercise homework that they have been given during therapy, or for common activities at home.

Sizing Chart:

The right tools can change your life.

The active hands gripping aids can be used for general purposes such as opening jars at home, or holding larger cooking utensils, or tools such as hammers or gardening. Even holding a drink can be a challenge, never mind participating in sports.

Gripping gloves are commonly used to help the grip strength when exercising with dumbbells or riding a bicycle.

With this general purposed gripping aid, you can give your patients back their independence at home and make life easier when trying to build or rebuild upper body muscle strength.

You are likely trying to work on some other part of their body other than their grip strength, but their grip strength is getting in the way of their training With the Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aid you can overcome the grip strength issues of your patients and get back to what you are trying to accomplish for them.


Active Hands Gripping Aids are machine washable! Don’t put them in the dryer; Just lay flat to dry.


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