Gain Credibility with Patients using Knowledge you already have

May 01, 2018

Gain Credibility with Patients using Knowledge you already have

In every business, the experience of seeing a patient once then never seeing them again is a situation that happens all too often. What can you do to prevent this from happening?

Your patient trusts you as the expert. They want to know what you think.

With your next patient try this one thing and see what happens:

As you are treating your patient explain to them what you are doing. Explain what an ultrasound treatment is doing, how laser is helping their condition, Explain why you’re using an IFC treatment with them.

Everyone wants reassurance that they are paying for a treatment that is of value. You may be giving them a huge amount of value and they don’t even know it. You might even be giving your patient more value than the other physios in the area so tell them about it. Many of our treatment modalities don’t feel like anything is happening or the treatment feels awkward or even painful. You want your patient to feel like they gained something and make them know that what they are doing is worth it. Make it so that they gain valuable information that they can tell their friends about. Everyone wants to share their experiences including your patients.

For Example here’s how you could explain an ultrasound treatment:

Ultrasound works by using sound waves. These sound waves penetrate the skin and make vibrations in the tissue. This makes the tissue heat up …. From here describe your patient's injury and why you’re using the ultrasound on them.

It also drives nutrients into tissue to promote the healing process.

Remember the goal here isn’t to make your patient an expert in ultrasound. You just want to see their eyes light up with understanding that something valuable is happening

Leave them with something fun to think about: Did you know that ultrasound can be used to drive medications directly through the skin? (The likelihood is that you aren’t going to do this in your treatment, but it’ll leave your patients knowing that you’re the expert.

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