Shockwave Therapy Devices

May 01, 2018

Shockwave Therapy Devices

Zimmer Shockwave Therapy Machine – The best shockwave device available in Canada.

No longer are the archaic days of shockwave treatments. The type of shockwave therapy that is quite painful to receive - and uncomfortable to administer.

If you are a therapist with a busy clinic and just want the device to handle with ease and provide some level of comfort during your patient’s treatment, then this is the device for you – and your patients.

Introducing the ZIMMER Shockwave Therapy Machine.

Benefits of the Zimmer Shockwave:

  • The Zimmer shockwave comes standard with an easy to use, built in colour treatment library
    • New therapists who are new to shockwave machines will be able to easily navigate through the shockwave device with the use of this library.
    • The library also provides a schedule for how many times per week a patient should come in. This will require you and your patient to commit to a treatment schedule.


  • The electromacgetic propulsion s generated within the machines hand piece by magnets, meaning no noise from a generator/compressor.


  • Gel is not required to use the Zimmer machine. However, should you want to use gel, the Zimmer device includes caps to ensure your hand piece doesn’t get damaged.


  • The soft shot technology by Zimmer provides a more comfortable patient experience. A projectile, five-times heavier than other shockwaves, provides the same quality of treatment without as much pain.


  • All shockwave devices need maintenance. Since the Zimmer machine is not compressor based, the hand piece contains very few moving parts. This makes up keep less expensive.


  • The Zimmer Shockwave machine is operated by a foot petal. This keeps your hands in an ergonomically correct position. Even after several patients your hands won’t feel as tired.


  • Advertising material for your clinic is included with the purchase of the Zimmer Shockwave machine. A waiting room video, artwork for brochures and we will come to your clinic to provide a quick operation tutorial to your therapy staff


  • Outstanding Warranty – Zimmer stands behind their products. Each hand piece is covered by a 2 million shot warranty and is German engineered for long lasting quality.

Having the Zimmer machine as your clinic’s shockwave device will provide more ways to treat conditions faster, with a higher level of overall comfort and a reduction in recovery time.  These are all benefits your patients will value.

Your therapy clinic is there to help patients get back to their peak performance. As a therapist and business owner it’s important to provide care that works. The shockwave is a device that will treat both your patient, and your bottom line


A few conditions that respond well to shockwave therapy are:

  1. Musculoskeletal disorders
  2. Insertion tendinopathy
  3. Planar Fasciitis
  4. Tendon problems
  5. Chronic inflammation
  6. Hypertonic muscle systems
  7. Myofascial syndromes
  8. Hemotoma treatments

Contact us today if you have any questions about the Zimmer Shockwave machine or any other of our therapy clinic products, equipment or furniture.


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