How to Start a Therapy Clinic the Right Way

October 30, 2017

How to Start a Therapy Clinic the Right Way

Yes. There is a right way to start a therapy clinic!

Every clinic is unique, and the journey of creating your Physio, Massage or Chiropractic therapy brand or a full wellness clinic even, is distinctive to your future clinic and treatment style.  Your therapy equipment should reflect the way you want your patients to be treated.

There are so many products on the market, and our job at HealthMed is to get to know enough about you so we can find the best fit for your goals now, as well as thinking about the future success of your clinic space.

Here are some things we’ll ask (An online form doesn’t provide enough therapy clinic information, so please contact us directly)

1) When do you want to open your new therapy clinic?

Some equipment can take up to 10 weeks for shipping. For this reason, a two month notice is ideal. If you’re reading this now and haven’t ordered your supplies yet - what are you waiting for?!

Pick up the phone and call us now at 1-800-248-1661… we will help.

2) What is your new therapy clinic’s start up budget?

Money is often tight when starting a new therapy clinic. When working with a company like HealthMed Distributors who has over 25 years of experience with many valued client relationships, we are often asked to help our client’s sell their older gently used, perfectly good equipment.

So, when you’re a start-up on a budget you can still get all the equipment you need to open your doors, at the price point that will help your comfort level. And as your business grows we will help you find the upgrades or new equipment that makes sense for where your business is at, and where you see it over the next 5 years; we will then work to sell your older equipment too.


3) What type of therapy treatments will you want to provide?

This will help us choose options that will best suit your needs. The old adage of buy once or buy thrice highly applies for therapy treatment tables. The price between high-quality and low-quality therapy tables can be quite small, but the difference in longevity of usage is huge. 

Contact us to learn more about therapy tables and comparisons. 

4) Private rooms or central therapy modality stations?

Some therapy clinics offer a full modality unit in each treatment room. Some clinics have a modality station that all therapists share.  This is truly up to how you want your clinic to operate, and what future plans you may be thinking now.

If your space allows for curtains you could opt for a 4 channel IFC machine. It will allow you to treat 2 patients side by side with a dividing curtain. And yes, we also provide customizable therapy clinic curtains.

Also you may want to choose an option like unattended pads on your laser. There are many ways to create a more efficient therapy clinic and treat two or more patients at the same time.

5) Do you want to sell products to your patients?

Your patients look to you for advice. There can be huge advantages in having a small amount of products for sale, in a small retail corner or section of your clinic. Contact us for more information.

There are of course many more questions we will have depending on what you want to do.Contact us online or call us 1–800–248–1661 anytime.

We strive to provide excellence in customer service – Always!


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