Products That Save You Money

October 29, 2018

Products That Save You Money

We all know that brand names areusuallysynonymous with the thought of quality. However we also know that not all brand names are created equal, and as well not all brand names outweigh the no-name brands that can be purchased for less cost, yet deliver just as much benefit to the end user.


These are some products that we think work just as well as the “original” brand name products. We’ve either had clients report the products benefits, or we’ve discovered this through the years ourselves.  


Ares Kinesio Tape

Ares tape has fantastic adhesion and stretch that is required for kinesio taping, and at a great price of nearly 1/2 the cost of the leading brand. (Shhhh… you didn’t hear this from us)


SUP-R Band Dispenser Packs

Cutting bands is time consuming. Precut bands help keep bands on hand for resale and keep your clinic a little more organized and clean.  


Relief Pak Hydrocollators

This new hydrocollator is less expensive and has more intuitive features. So a win-win times 2 for this product.


With a built-in thermometer for setting temperatures on the front, this hydrocollator is quite user friendly. The insulated tank prevents accidental burns and keeps the tank at a stable temperature as well.

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