How to Start a Clinic the Right Way

October 30, 2017

How to Start a Clinic the Right Way

Yes! There is a right way to start your clinic. That is to find the best location, and equipment to gear towards how YOU want to treat and what you want your image to be. Every single clinic is unique and that’s what’s so great. The journey of creating your brand and delivering your service is unique to your clinic and treatment style. Your equipment should match that.

There are so many brands and variations on products these days. Our job at HealthMed is to get to know you so that we can help you find the best fit.

We have seen thousands of products over the years and can help guide you to where your money is best spent and to areas where money can be saved without sacrificing value

Here are some things that we’ll ask you (we don’t believe an online form is really going to help you so please call us)

1)When do you want to open your clinic?

Some equipment such as treatment tables can take 8–10 weeks to manufacture and ship. 2 months notice is generally the minimum amount of lead time you should have. If you’re reading this now and haven’t ordered your supplies yet call us ASAP. We can probably help you out.

2)New vs Used Equipment

Money is often tight when starting a new clinic and that’s ok. There are lots of options for used equipment. We have set up clinics where every piece of equipment is used. When working with a company like HealthMed we have been around so long that we often help clinics upgrade their equipment which means that their old perfectly good older models are for sale. If you’re on a budget you will get an older machine, but it will be a good start

3)Treatment Tables

The old adage of buy once or buy thrice highly applies in this category. In treatment tables, the price difference between a high-quality hi-lo bed and a low-quality one is comparably small. However, a good quality bed will last you into the 10+ year range a low-quality bed will be lucky to reach the 3-year point without major difficulties.

Going for a stationary bed is a cheaper alternative. If your back is willing to put up with stationary tables they are a great option.


4) Private rooms or Curtains

If your space allows for curtains why not opt for a 4 channel IFC. It will allow you to treat 2 patients side by side. We’ve seen a number of different treatment styles. Some clinics open with a full modality unit in each treatment room. Some clinics have a modality station and all therapists share. It’s completely up to you

Yes! We also make custom curtains in house.

5)Will you be treating more than 1 patient at once?

If so you may want to choose an option like unattended pads on your laser. There are a variety of modality options that can make your clinic more efficient

6) Do you want to sell products to your patients?

Your patients look to you for expert advice. There can be huge advantages in having a small amount of products for sale. Your patients won’t have to go looking for a product and your clinic can earn a little more money by helping them out. You also get much higher patient compliance.

There are of course many more things to account for depending on what you want to do. Give us a call and we will make the process easy for you 1–800–248–1661

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