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Common Breakages in Physiotherapy Treatment Tables: What to Look Out For and How to Avoid Costly Repairs

29 May 2024

Choosing the right treatment table for your physiotherapy practice involves more than just considering the immediate price tag or appearance. Knowing what parts are prone to breaking can save you from unexpected downtime and costly repairs. Here are some of the most common issues that can occur with treatment tables and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Motor Malfunctions

The motor is the heart of your treatment table, responsible for adjusting height and other movements. A motor failure can lead to an urgent situation, causing significant disruption to your practice. When choosing a table, always ask about the brand of motor used. If the manufacturer is uncertain, it could indicate that replacement parts might be hard to come by in the future. Our top recommendation is a German-made Hanning motor, known for its reliability and availability of replacement parts.

2. Switch Failures

Switches on treatment tables can be another source of trouble, especially in wired systems with switches positioned all around the table. This setup might seem convenient at first, but it can be a headache if a switch fails. Identifying which switch caused the issue can be difficult, often requiring an expensive repair by a technician. To avoid this, opt for a table with a simpler system like the Hanning motor, which uses air pressure instead of complex wiring. This design reduces the risk of switch failure and eliminates the need for extensive repairs.

3. Upholstery Wear and Tear

Upholstery on treatment tables is another area that can deteriorate over time. The durability of upholstery is measured by its rub count. Inexpensive treatment tables often use vinyl with a rub count below 200,000, leading to early wear and tear. High-end Canadian-made tables, on the other hand, have rub counts exceeding 2 million, ensuring greater longevity. When purchasing a table, inquire about the rub count to ensure you're getting a durable product.

4. Gas Strut Issues

Gas struts are used to assist with adjustable sections of treatment tables. Over time, these struts can lose compression, leading to sagging sections. Replacing them can be costly, with each strut costing about $250 each and a table potentially has up to four struts. Consider choosing a table with friction locks instead of gas struts. Friction locks use a simple wedge design, providing longer-lasting durability and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Conclusion: Choose a Table That Stands the Test of Time

When selecting a treatment table for your physiotherapy practice, consider not only the initial cost but also the potential for future repairs and maintenance. Look for a table with a reliable motor, minimal wiring in its switches, high-quality upholstery, and durable components like friction locks instead of gas struts.

At HealthMed our most recommended high end table is the treatment table line by Kor Innovations. These treatment tables prioritize durability and quality. Physiotherapy plinths by Kor Innovations feature the trusted Hanning motor, air pressure-based switch systems, high-rub-count upholstery, and friction locks for a simple yet robust design. By choosing Kor Innovations, you invest in a table that is built to last, reducing the risk of costly repairs and ensuring your practice runs smoothly for years to come.

Our Favourite Treatment Table Styles

3 Section Physiotherapy Tables - EL20033 Section Physiotherapy Tables - EL2003
3 Section Physiotherapy Tables - EL2003
The Eurolift 2003 is the most commonly ordered therapy table by Kor Innovations The high quality of the KOR Eurolift tables will withstand heavy use in any therapy clinic environment. This is the therapists table that you buy once and maintain for many years to come. ...
5 section Physiotherapy Table - KOR Tables5 section Physiotherapy Table - KOR Tables
5 section Physiotherapy Table - KOR Tables
The 5 section physiotherapy table by Kor Innovations offers all of your favourite options by Kor including armrests This treatment table is a good option for clinics looking to have a table for both massage and physiotherapy treatments   Width: 26″ / 660mm (other widths...
Eurolift 2002 Osteo - Kor TableEurolift 2002 Osteo - Kor Table
Eurolift 2002 Osteo - Kor Table
The Eurolift 2002 Osteo Therapy Table is designed with the Osteopathic Therapist in mind.  This therapy table features a two section top with sturdy arm rest. The leg section raises and locks into place with friction locks. Friction locks help hold locking ability over...
3 Section Massage Table - Kor Tables
3 Section Massage Table - Kor Tables
  The 3 section Massage Table by Kor Innovations is a basic massage table designed for clinics that don't want to have arm rests on their table The 3" comfort foam makes treatments extra comfortable     Additional Options: Casters are especially useful for...
Eurolift 2002 - Two Section Table Lifting BackrestEurolift 2002 - Two Section Table Lifting Backrest
Eurolift 2002 - Two Section Table Lifting Backrest
The EL2002 is from the line of Kor Therapy Tables. It has 2 sections, one that will raise and lower as you need. This two-section table can come in a couple of styles depending on which side you would like to raise and lower...
Kor Naturopathic Table
$0.00 CAD
Kor Naturopathic TableKor Naturopathic Table
Kor Naturopathic Table
This Naturopathic therapy treatment table changes to meet the needs of your busy therapy clinic by providing an option for internal exams or manual therapy. The included arm rests will provide your therapy patients with a more comfortable treatment experience. Width: 26″  / 660mm...
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