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What to Ask When Buying a Treatment Table: A Guide to Choosing Quality

26 Jun 2024

Selecting the right treatment table for your physiotherapy practice can be challenging, especially with the many options available. While price is an important consideration, it shouldn't be the only factor guiding your decision. To ensure you're getting a high-quality product that meets your needs and stands the test of time, ask these key questions when buying a treatment table. 

Where Is the Treatment Table Manufactured?

The manufacturing location can impact the ease of obtaining replacement parts and the quality of craftsmanship. Canadian-made tables are generally easier to service because parts are more readily available, reducing downtime if something goes wrong. In contrast, tables made abroad may have lengthy import times for parts and are often subject to product discontinuation. When buying a treatment table, inquire about the manufacturing location to ensure reliable after-sales support. Opt for Canadian or American made tables for easy access to parts

What Motor Does the Table Have?

The motor's quality is crucial to the table's lifespan and performance. A reliable motor reduces the risk of breakdowns and extends the table's longevity. Make sure you know the brand and type of motor used in the treatment table. Choosing a high-quality motor is a vital step in ensuring the table's reliability and durability.


Does the Motor use a Control Box?

The presence of a control box is a clear indicator that the motor is a DC motor. Control boxes are another part that has the potential to break. By choosing a table without a control box, it is likely an AC motor, which has no control box. Why have a breakable part when you can avoid it all together. Choose an AC motor like the Hanning motor that has no control box

Is the System Air Pressure Activated or Wired?

Air pressure systems offer excellent longevity because they don't rely on complex wiring, which can wear out over time. These systems use air hoses to connect the controls to the motor, allowing for easy repairs in case of breakage. Wired systems, on the other hand, require electrical cables, which are more prone to failure. Ask whether the table uses an air pressure or wired system, and choose an air pressure system like the Hanning Motor for better durability.

What Upholstery Does the Table Have?

Upholstery quality is measured by its double rub count, indicating how many times the material can withstand friction before wearing out. For maximum longevity, look for a table with at least 1.5 million double rubs. Although all vinyl will eventually break, high-quality vinyl with a high rub count will last longer and maintain its appearance and comfort. Make sure to ask about the rub count to ensure you're getting durable upholstery.

Does This Table Use Gas Struts or Friction Locks?

Gas struts are common in treatment tables but can lose their compression over time, leading to spongy or sagging sections. Friction locks, however, use a simple wedge design that provides longer-lasting durability. When choosing a treatment table, ask whether it uses gas struts or friction locks. Opt for friction locks for a more reliable adjustment mechanism.

Are Custom Features Available?

Customization can be a valuable feature, allowing you to tailor the treatment table to your specific needs. Custom tables can be designed to grow with your practice, while non-custom tables, although potentially cheaper, might require replacement sooner as your clinic expands or evolves. Ask whether custom features are available and consider the long-term benefits of a table designed for your unique requirements.

Are There Features That Can Be Added Later?

As your clinic grows you may have new needs. Find a table with different attachments so that your table can grow with your needs. Headrests are a commonly interchangeable feature. 

Or if you are trying to make a high quality treatment table fit into your budget, consider leaving out some features until you can afford them. Casters and the surround foot bar are easily installable after the fact and may make the difference in your budget. 

Our Favourite Treatment Table Styles

3 Section Physiotherapy Tables - EL20033 Section Physiotherapy Tables - EL2003
3 Section Physiotherapy Tables - EL2003
The Eurolift 2003 is the most commonly ordered therapy table by Kor Innovations The high quality of the KOR Eurolift tables will withstand heavy use in any therapy clinic environment. This is the therapists table that you buy once and maintain for many years to come. ...
5 section Physiotherapy Table - KOR Tables5 section Physiotherapy Table - KOR Tables
5 section Physiotherapy Table - KOR Tables
The 5 section physiotherapy table by Kor Innovations offers all of your favourite options by Kor including armrests This treatment table is a good option for clinics looking to have a table for both massage and physiotherapy treatments   Width: 26″ / 660mm (other widths...
Eurolift 2002 Osteo - Kor TableEurolift 2002 Osteo - Kor Table
Eurolift 2002 Osteo - Kor Table
The Eurolift 2002 Osteo Therapy Table is designed with the Osteopathic Therapist in mind.  This therapy table features a two section top with sturdy arm rest. The leg section raises and locks into place with friction locks. Friction locks help hold locking ability over...
3 Section Massage Table - Kor Tables
3 Section Massage Table - Kor Tables
  The 3 section Massage Table by Kor Innovations is a basic massage table designed for clinics that don't want to have arm rests on their table The 3" comfort foam makes treatments extra comfortable     Additional Options: Casters are especially useful for...
Eurolift 2002 - Two Section Table Lifting BackrestEurolift 2002 - Two Section Table Lifting Backrest
Eurolift 2002 - Two Section Table Lifting Backrest
The EL2002 is from the line of Kor Therapy Tables. It has 2 sections, one that will raise and lower as you need. This two-section table can come in a couple of styles depending on which side you would like to raise and lower...
Kor Naturopathic Table
$0.00 CAD
Kor Naturopathic TableKor Naturopathic Table
Kor Naturopathic Table
This Naturopathic therapy treatment table changes to meet the needs of your busy therapy clinic by providing an option for internal exams or manual therapy. The included arm rests will provide your therapy patients with a more comfortable treatment experience. Width: 26″  / 660mm...
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