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Decoding Treatment Table Motors: How to Find the Physiotherapy Table with The Best Motor

29 May 2024

When it comes to choosing a treatment table for your physiotherapy practice, the motor is one of the most critical components to consider. A good motor ensures smooth operation, reliability, and durability over time. A motor issue can cause lost patient bookings and downtime in your practice. In this blog, we'll explore the key differences between AC and DC motors and offer tips for finding the treatment table with the best motor so that you can choose the best treatment table for your clinic

AC vs. DC Motors: Understanding the Basics

AC Motors: Consistent Power and Durability

Alternating Current (AC) motors are known for their consistent power output. This consistency means that the motor provides the same amount of force throughout the entire range of motion when adjusting the table's height or other sections. This steady application of force reduces stress on the motor, contributing to greater durability and a longer lifespan. AC motors are typically more robust and can handle heavier loads, making them ideal for high-traffic clinics or practices with a variety of patient types.

Our favourite AC motor is the German made Hanning motor, which can be found on our treatment tables made by Kor Innovations

DC Motors: Variable Speed and Compact Design

Direct Current (DC) motors, on the other hand, offer more variable speed control. They tend to be smaller and lighter than AC motors. However, because their power output varies with speed, they can experience more stress when lifting heavier loads, potentially leading to quicker wear and tear. Since Physiotherapy tables do not offer varied speed control and since physiotherapy tables are almost exclusively used while under load, this is not a useful trade off for the increased wear on the motor.

DC motors additionally require a control box to convert the power. AC motors do not need to convert power. If a control box fails, this will result in a $500+ repairs, which an AC motor would not have.

Air Pressure vs. Electrical Wiring: Maintenance and Repair

Another critical consideration is how the motor is operated—through air pressure or electrical wiring. Air pressure motors have an air hose that extends from the motor to the foot pedal. If the hose breaks, you can cut and reattach it, offering a simple and quick fix. In contrast, wired motors rely on cables to connect the foot pedal to the motor. If this wiring fails, you need to order a new part, potentially leading to downtime and costly repairs.

Additionally, if your table has a surround foot bar—allowing you to adjust the table's height from anywhere around it—the system's wiring can become a liability. If there's a problem with a wired surround foot bar, it can be challenging to trace the source of the failure, often requiring a repair technician to diagnose and fix it. This can result in long wait times for parts and additional costs. Air pressure systems avoid this issue by having no wires to break or tangle. If an air hose disconnects, you simply reattach it.

Brand Matters: Reliability and Availability of Parts

Choosing the right brand for your motor is crucial. Many less expensive tables use uncommon motors, making it difficult to find replacement parts if something goes wrong. This can lead to long wait times for repairs and potential table downtime. To avoid these issues, select a well-known brand with a reputation for durability and easy access to replacement parts.

Our Favorite Motor: German-Made Hanning

At HealthMed, our favorite motor is the German-made Hanning motor. This AC motor is air pressure-controlled, providing consistent strength throughout the lift and remarkable longevity. In 25 years of business, we've only had to replace three Hanning motors—an exceptional track record. The rest are still in service, proving their durability and reliability. When you choose a treatment table with a Hanning motor, you're investing in quality and peace of mind.


Selecting the right motor for your treatment table requires careful consideration of factors like motor type, control system, maintenance, and brand reputation. AC motors offer consistent strength, reducing stress and wear, while air pressure systems provide simpler and more reliable operation. Choosing a reputable brand with a proven track record of longevity and easy-to-replace parts is crucial for the smooth operation of your clinic.

If you're looking for a treatment table for your clinic, get in touch with us to discuss your unique requirements. We'll help you find the ideal solution tailored to your needs. You can count on us to provide the latest technology to keep your clinic operating smoothly for years to come.


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