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Treatment Tables That Grow With You: Preparing Your Physiotherapy Clinic for the Future

29 May 2024

As a physiotherapist, choosing the right treatment table is a critical decision that can impact both the quality of care you provide and the flexibility of your clinic setup. It's essential to consider how your clinic might evolve over time and whether your treatment table can adapt to meet those changes. In this blog, we'll explore key features that make a treatment table versatile and future-proof, allowing you to keep pace with the dynamic needs of your practice.


1. Components That Can't Be Added Later

While it's great to choose a table with upgradeable features, some components can't be added after purchase. This includes key structural elements like arm rests or a lifting leg section. It's crucial to ensure your treatment table has these components from the start if you think you might want them in the future, as they can significantly impact the range of treatments you can offer. Arm rests are particularly important for patient comfort and can be useful in various therapeutic settings. A lifting leg section, on the other hand, is valuable for certain therapeutic exercises and treatments. Having these foundational components in place allows your clinic to grow into them without needing to replace the entire table.

2. Upgradeable Features for Enhanced Functionality

When considering a treatment table, think about features that can be added or upgraded later. One popular option is a surround foot bar that allows therapists to raise or lower the table from any position around it. This feature can be incredibly convenient, especially in busy clinics where therapists need to adjust the table height quickly without having to move around the table to find a control point. An upgradeable table can grow with your clinic, allowing you to add features as your practice expands and your needs change.


3. Modular Headrest Options for Customization

Another way to increase the versatility of your treatment table is to choose one with interchangeable headrest options. Some tables come with a basic headrest, while others offer more advanced designs that can be swapped out or adjusted to suit different treatments. This modularity allows you to adapt the table to various therapies, ensuring patient comfort and therapist convenience. Whether you need a flat headrest for traditional physiotherapy or an adjustable one for massage or chiropractic work, having the flexibility to change headrests can be invaluable.

4. Attachment Sleeves for Enhanced Flexibility

One innovative feature to look for in a treatment table is the ability to add attachments, such as a massage face cradle or an extender for your extra tall patients. By selecting a table with attachment sleeves at the foot end, you can add accessories as needed. This option is ideal for clinics that offer both physiotherapy and massage therapy services. With attachment sleeves, you can transform a standard treatment table into a multifunctional platform, providing a variety of treatment options without needing multiple tables.


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