Why the Shuttle TNT Will Become Your Most Used Piece of Equipment

October 15, 2018

Why the Shuttle TNT Will Become Your Most Used Piece of Equipment

Shuttle Systems was originally developed to provide astronauts a way to exercise while in the reduced gravity environment on the space station. Now adapted for use in clinical settings, the same elasticord based resistance creates a powerful tool to use in your clinic.


The first Shuttle 2000-1 sold in British Columbia 35 years ago is still being used every day in a clinic in Campbell River, BC.


The most popular model from Shuttle Systems, the Shuttle TNT, is perfect for multidisciplinary. Many of your patients will realize the benefits of the shuttle. The size of space needed is 2.5’ wide x 8’ long and isn’t much compared to the variety of exercises it provides your patients.

Elderly Patients

Elderly rehabilitation is often difficult with the fear of falling. The shuttle is low, yet still high enough off to provide ease of access when getting on to the shuttle. When lying on your back the shuttle is secure for exercise. Balance drills can also be conducted by strapping a wobble board to the platform.

Rehab Patients

With your knee rehab patients, the shuttle is cordless and quite easy to push, providing an easy platform to start from without risking injury from over stressing the muscles.


The maximum level a shuttle can deliver is 650 lbs., this is with all cords attached. This is enough to train top level athletes.

Upper and Lower Body

The Shuttle is not a fancy leg press, it is a three dimensional machine for standing beside to do leg extensions on the handles, putting your hand on the kickboard to engage shoulder muscles or kneeling face down with your foot on the kick plate. The tower attachment provides more options for upper body exercises including the ability to create PNF patterns.

Eccentric Muscle Loading

The shuttle creates its resistance through rubber elasticords. This is incredibly powerful as it creates resistance in both directions of movement. Load eccentrically and get twice the workout compared to a similar piece of equipment that loads concentrically where you are only getting half the workout.


For help with jump based sports such as basketball the shuttle makes it easy to progress the jump and strengthen knee muscles. Load the resistance and gradually increase the intensity and watch your patients jump height and stability improve. The kind of development you get from the shuttle is unparalleled.

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