The True Cost of Cheap Treatment Tables

November 06, 2016

The True Cost of Cheap Treatment Tables

Treatment tables are the largest investment in your clinic. Choose one that will last you for years to come with this simple guide

  • The Motor –This is the most important part of the table. HealthMed sells tables that use the Hanning motor made in Germany which are considered the most durable on the market. With motors you get what you pay for. The hanning motor provides consistent force across the entire height of the table. Cheap motors will strain in the upper limits and will eventually wear out


  • Construction – Look at the hinge points. The further apart they are the more stable the table will be. How can you test this without breaking out your measuring tape? Simple, press down on one corner of the table using as much weight as you can. You should not see the diagonal corner lift off the ground. Many lesser quality tables only have 4” hinge points. The Kor tables have 22” hinge points.

So, you see some lifting, but want to save a few dollars. Here’s what happens, in less expensive tables we’ve seen as much as a 2” lift using our testing method. Over time the hinge points only get weaker and leaves you with a spongy table. This means that if you do any manual therapy your treatments won’t be as effective as on a table with minimal give.


  • Upholstery – Good looking tables can make or break the look of your clinic. In our Kor tables the spirit millennium naugahyde upholstery is tested up to 250,000 rubs and is readily available anywhere in North America for re-upholstery (HealthMed re-upholsters in house). Lower quality tables have upholstery with rub points typically tested between 40,000-80,000 rubs.


  • Function – Your table has to work for you and not every clinic has the same needs. The Kor tables are a semi custom table whereas the cheaper tables come as a one size fits all. Check out the Kor table here for customization options.

Well made tables can last the life of your clinic. Give us a call at 1-800-248-1661 for any questions about tables. Check out our next article on Clinic Maintenance to learn how to increase the lifespan of your tables.

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