Space Saving Equipment for Small Clinics

November 28, 2016

Space Saving Equipment for Small Clinics

Space is always at a premium in busy clinics, but you don't have to sacrifice with these simple tools


Exercise Ball rack  Wall mounted ball racks - Exercise balls take up lots of room and never stay in one place. Get your balls off the ground with a ball rack
StrongBoard Balance Board StrongBoard Balance Board -  This is not your average balance board. The strongboard helps take any exercise to the next level by providing consistent instability. With a flat platform the strongboard allows exercises to be done in a neutral position.
Shuttle Mini Press Shuttle Mini Press - Designed to help in lower extremity recovery and often used as an active CPM machine, the mini press allows for concentric and eccentric loading. Can be used while seated, on a  treatment table, on a hospital bed, or on the floor.

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