Interferential Therapy - The Solaris Series & the Advantages of All-In-One Units

June 04, 2018

Interferential Therapy - The Solaris Series & the Advantages of All-In-One Units

What is an IFC Machine?

The Interferential Current (IFC) machine is an advancement in pain treatment.  IFC equipment is commonly used by physical therapists for the useful treatment on individuals with pain, muscle spasms, strains, or inflammation. The IFC device will help accelerate the healing process of damaged tissues


How does IFC help your therapy patients?

IFC Therapy helps to decrease acute and chronic pain.  The therapy procedure works at a deeper level within the body, targeting the damaged tissues directly.   It alters or interrupts the pain signals that travel from the injured tissues to the brain.


No two IFC devices are created equal.

The Solaris series of IFC devices by Dynatronicshas advantages that cannot be ignored.  Solaris machines are now the number one trusted brand name in the physiotherapy industry, and they’ve earned that title.



The Solaris devices have the ability to deliver up to 7 Stimulus waveforms:

  1. IFC,
  2. Premod,
  3. Biphasic,
  4. Russian,
  5. High Volt,
  6. Microcurrent, and
  7. Fixed Frequency IFC/Premod.


Tri-Wave Light

Deliver any combination of 3 wavelengths of light (red, infrared, and blue) using the Tri-Wave Light Probe or 2 robust 5” x 7” Tri-Wave Light Pads. Dual Light Pads allow for greater coverage of a joint, treatment of 2 separate areas simultaneously, and the ability to treat large areas of the body when placed side by side.


Impressively Simple

Even with nearly unlimited flexibility, setting up a treatment has never been easier. Some treatments can be set up in as few as two key presses. Treatment parameters are highly visible, easy to read, and changed at the touch of a fingertip.


Dynatronics has combined the popular features of the Solaris Series with revolutionary Tri-Wave Light to create the innovative Solaris Plus Series. 


Depending on your therapy clinic’s demands, and working within your budget, there is an all-in-one combo unit that will suit the needs of your busy clinic while impressing your therapist staff and more importantly, delivering the relief your patients will quickly appreciate. 


Advancement in technology is a game changer in the IFC therapy treatment of severe and chronic pain.

With Touch-Screen display for fast and easy treatment setup and treatment monitoring to the on-board tutorials to help train your therapists and educate the patient.  Solaris Plus is the No. 1 choice trusted by leading clinics, hospitals and athletic training facilities.


See Solaris in action and discover the power of electrotherapy, TriWave Light and ultrasound in the palm of your hand.  Please call us at request a demonstration.


Should you have any questions about IFC Machines for your therapy clinic practice, please feel free to Contact us anytime.

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