How Leasing Can Help You Open A Physiotherapy Clinic

September 10, 2023

How Leasing Can Help You Open A Physiotherapy Clinic

How Leasing Can Help You Open A Physiotherapy Clinic

Did you know that you do not have to pay for all of your physiotherapy equipment all at once! Infact, there are even options that allow you to not pay for 6 months! 

Leasing is an option that can help you open a clinic or help you afford new equipment before you thought you could

The Benefits of Leasing

Tax Deductions - Lease payments are tax deductible! When you start out this may not make a big difference, but as your clinic grows, you will be able to make use of the deductibles. Speak with your accountant to find out how to maximize your yearly deductibles

Affordability – If you do not have the money upfront for clinic equipment, but you can handle making payments, leasing may be a good option for you. You are able to choose how long your lease is. The longer the lease, the smaller the monthly payment

Invest In Yourself – Expanding the services in your clinic is one of the easiest ways to increase revenue from your existing client base. If a lease costs you $100 per month and you bring in an additional $800 per month, that’s a good investment and may be easier to justify than making the investment all at once.

Don't Pay for 6 Months! - Opening A new clinic has many challenges. With a limited budget, choosing a lease option that allows you to not pay for 6 months will allow you to use your funds elsewhere like client acquisition

What Items Can Be Leased

  • Your entire clinic build out – Yes, the whole build
  • All or part of your clinic equipment

We only recommend leasing larger equipment and paying for consumable items upfront.

It is very common for clinics to lease larger pieces of equipment like shockwaves, treatment tables and other new technologies

How Long Do Leases Last

Most leasing agencies will give you options. The longer your lease is, the lower the monthly payment will be. The leasing company that we work with will even offer you to not pay for 6 months, which can be beneficial to a clinic which is just starting and may not have a full patient schedule

What Happens After a Lease Is Over

This depends entirely on which company you choose to lease with. Ultimately you will have to decide whether you want to buyout your equipment and keep it, or return it to the leasing agency

At HealthMed we work with a leasing agent that has the following terms, but you can work with any leasing company you want to

  • A $10 buyout once the lease is ended - Industry standard is a 10% buyout. There is a huge difference in these two terms, which is why we like our leasing agent so much.
  • Lease holder gets first pick to decide if they will keep the equipment – Some leasing companies automatically give the rights to an external company, so read your lease carefully

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