Therapy Clinic Start-Ups

Starting a new Physiotherapy, Chiropractic or Massage Therapy clinic or perhaps a full Wellness Centre?  We set up new wellness or therapy clinics all the time. Therapist Students or maybe it’s just time to start your own therapy practice: We have everything you need to hang your open sign and begin accepting therapy patients right away.  

Click here to read our blog on “How to Start a Clinic the Right Way”


In-House Consultations

Contact us today to obtain a free in-house Therapy Equipment consultation. Or maybe you don’t have a location yet, but are looking to get settled into one. We will guide you through your options, help with any financing you may need and ensure you’re all set up and ready to go as fast as possible.


Therapy Equipment Leasing/Financing

Physiotherapy Equipment and Chiropractic Tables and Massage supplies shouldn’t break the bank. We can direct you to a financing broker who has helped many therapists start their practice. 

Contact us today to discuss different financing and leasing options.


Product Set-Up

If you’re in a British Columbia major center we will come with our big HealthMed truck and will set up your products FREE of charge.  

If you’re not in one of our local rep delivery areas we’ll have everything sent to your clinic in as few shipments as possible.  And once the therapy equipment arrives, we will walk you through set-up or any additional guidance you may need by phone. .



Aside from new chiropractic tables and therapy supplies we also service used equipment. We offer loaner machines so your therapy practice can continue operating as usual as we repair, re-upholster or replace your older equipment. Our commitment to you is our customer service excellence policy; we will keep your clinic running smoothly with little to no downtime.  

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If you’re not sure exactly what you want or need we will make suggestions and run you through the differences in each product to help you make an informed decision.

Exclusive Product Offerings

 STRONGBOARD Balance Board

The Balance board that's ALWAYS unstable. No other product like it. No one else sells this in Canada.


These items are Interferential (IFC’s), Ultrasounds and Lasers.

The lasers are an attachment on an IFC. Buying a laser is usually really expensive, but if you purchase one of these machines the price difference up front is a big savings. You can then choose to add the laser later when needed.  Click here for more information on this exclusive therapy product offering.


There are other brands of shockwaves, but why settle for anything but the best.  The Zimmer is quieter than other brands with less moving parts, this is because its electromagnetic powered.


Pain relief gel made in British Columbia that is 100% natural. Therapists like this one due to the relaxation effects; Instead of tricking the mind into thinking it has no pain it works on relaxing the muscles to eliminate the pain.


All of our electrotherapy products, therapy furniture, and a large portion of our other products come with a warranty which varies for each product. If your product breaks during this period, we will work with the manufacturers to ensure its repair or replacement is done quickly and accurately.

HealthMed is committed to keeping your clinic running smoothly. We will issue therapy equipment on loan while yours is being repaired so your clinic can stay running at full capacity.

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