Therapy Clinic Financing – Made Easy Through HealthMed Distributors

Setting up your new clinic or upgrading an existing practice can be expensive. Not many therapy clinics are able to buy equipment outright and not all business owners want to invest their capital in equipment; so for many, financing makes more business sense.  

To serve our therapy and chiropractic customers better, HealthMed has teamed up with one of the best leasing companies in Canada.

We negotiated the best rates available, only for our therapy clinic customer’s benefit. HealthMed does NOT make any revenue whether you finance through our leasing company partner.  You may have your own financing in place; this could simply provide another option or comparison for your consideration.

The process is easy:

  1. Make a list of the items you would like to purchase for your therapy clinic
    1. This can include equipment and furniture
    2. We will work on the best quote for your clinic - If you haven’t signed up for a professional account you will need to now so you can take advantage of all discounts offered by HealthMed.
    3. Your quote will include all applicable taxes.
  2. Once your quote is ready and has been reviewed by you, we will connect you with the leasing agent to start your paperwork.
  3. When your financing is complete, your order will be placed in our system.

Once your order is confirmed, we will set up a time for delivery. Depending on your location, either one of our technicians will meet you at your clinic to help set up the therapy furniture and equipment, or we will teleconference with you when you’re at your clinic to walk you through some easy setup steps.   

As part of our customer service, we offer free therapy clinic start-up consulting.  Contact us today to talk to one of our team members regarding start-ups, and the possibility of financing your order through a leasing company.

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