Female Pelvis with Pelvic Floor Muscles

Crafted from an original human skeleton, this incredible model of the female pelvis, featuring a flexible iliac and pelvic floor muscles, is representative of an average, adult female. Due to its high elasticity and ability to clearly demonstrate the movement of the female pelvis during childbirth, this model far exceeds others on the market. All the major  muscles of the pelvic floor are shown, and the flexibility of the model allows for sliding movements between the pelvis and sacrum. While the model cannot be disassembled, its unique, flexible structure allows for movement. All the major and minor details of the female pelvis are presented intact. Additionally, this model is of unparalleled quality as it was created by medial artists. It's realistically flexible and offers rotational movements between the pelvis and scrum. Individual parts are numbered and matched to the included key

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