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The Ear: Organs of Hearing and Balance

The Ear - Organs of Hearing and Balanceis a useful chart showing the anatomy of the ear.
The large colorful and detailed central image shows the anatomy of and the structures that make up the ear.

All of the major parts of the ear are illustrated and labeled on the central image. Many of the structures are depicted with close up detailed illustrations.
right auricle
right tympanic membrane with detail close-up
middle ear with detail close-up
close up of the auditory ossicles
detail of the membranous labyrinth including a detail of the cochlear labyrinth
membranous ampulla
organ of Corti
macula of saccule

The Ear - Organs of Hearing and Balancealso textually explains and illustrates how we hear from the ear to the brain - the physiology of sound.

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