Tecar Thermo TK

ThermoTK generates adjustable, deeply penetrating heat.

The deep heat which develops in the tissue causes a local increase in circulation and dilation of blood vessels. Treatment techniques specific to the therapist can have a positive effect on the elasticity of the connective tissue.

Through the effect of heat alone, the tone in the muscles decreases, which has a positive effect on pain relief for the patient.


Working together with your patient

Therapist-specific motions during the therapy can help additionally relax tissue. ThermoTK has a broad spectrum of indications and can be used for acute as well as chronic conditions. Deep heat therapy combined with the use of manual therapy offer you outstanding treatment options. Expand your range of services and treat your patients even more effectively.

Areas of application
Traditional physiotherapy practice, rehabilitation, and competitive sports. ThermoTK is used for all acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Application options
A variety of application options – passive, active, and assistive – enable therapy for the patient which is individually adapted to the condition.

ThermoTK – a part of your therapeutic concept
Unique possibility to combine the therapeutic effect of active therapy with the circulation-stimulating and analgesic effect of current and the feel-good factor of a massage.

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