Roscoe Quattro - IFC

4 Channel E-Stim Device - TENs, EMS, Russian, 2 & 4 Pole Waveforms 

The Quattro 2.5 by Roscoe Medical is one of the highest quality and cost effective 4 channel electrotherapy devices on the market. Simply switch between 2 & 4 pole, Russian, EMS, and TENS waveforms to provide a wide variety of e-stim treatment options. Portable and light weight design allow for both home care and in clinic treatment. With the advanced operation system users will enjoy a complete range of therapy with only a click of a button. Interferential and pre-modulated modes offer frequency modulation as well as static.

The Quattro 2.5 E-stim Unit is one the best values for a 4 channel e-stim machine that we offer at  Users agree the Quattro 2.5 is both easy to use and very dependable. 4 channels make it easy to treat multiple areas. Large display, simple controls, and automatic features make this electrotherapy machine one of our highest rated in the store.

Featuring microprocessor-controlled professional four-channel electrotherapy technology, the Quattro 2.5 unit from Roscoe Medical provides 5 different waveforms designed for treating chronic pain, soft tissue injuries, post traumatic acute pain, and much more.

The Quattro 2.5 includes each of the following e-stim waveforms:

  • IF 4-Pole,
  • IF 2-Pole,
  • Russian,
  • EMS,
  • and TENS waveforms

Easily keep track of treatment cycles with two separate timers whether you take it to your patient, or keep it at the clinic. The Quattro 2.5 easy to operate and can be up and running within minutes. No other e-stim machine in the price range features such an advanced operating system nor such a wide range of therapy.

Features of the Quattro 2.5 Four Channel Electrotherapy Device

  • 2 separate timers to treat two areas or 2 patients at the same time
  • Preset protocols as well as customized user defined protocols
  • 4 Channels of electrical stimulation output
  • Large easy to read LCD display with exact dial performance and two programmable timers
  • 10 presets per waveform
  • Designed to be used on a table top
  • Stim indicator light

 The Quattro 2.5 Electrotherapy Device Includes

  • 8 Sets of electrodes
  • 8 sets of rubber electrodes with sponges
  • 8 Straps
  • 4 sets of lead wires
  • user manual with preset protocol guide

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