Pro Fitter Ski Trainer

The Pro Fitter is challenging for average Joe's, elite athletes and everyone in between, plus it's fun and easy to learn! See immediate results in strength, endurance, balance, coordination and agility. Maximize your results in off-season training:

  • 20+ exercises to improve leg, core and upper body strength and stability.
  • 6 resistance levels for every skill set, adjusts in seconds
  • More like a sport than an exercise.
  • Compact to fit in your living room, yet robust enough for gym or clinic use.

Since 1985, athletes and medical experts worldwide have depended on the Pro Fitter to improve sport performance, rehabilitate injuries and increase overall quality of life.

Irehabilitation the Pro Fitter has helped patients rebuild their confidence to overcome physical and emotional barriers associated with injury, used worldwide because of its effectiveness in proprioceptive development, joint mobility, strength gains and client motivation.  If you want to maintain an active lifestyle with greater confidence and fewer injuries, the Pro Fitter is for you.

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