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PRIMERA TENS/NMES UNIT WITH HAN WAVEFORM provides pain relief in two ways: The gate control mechanism and endorphin release. When the body is injured, pain signals are delivered to the brain through the nervous system. That tells your body that you’re hurting. Primera sends tiny pulses over the skin through the nerves to the spinal chord and brain (gate control mechanism). Along the transmission there are many areas referred to as “gates”. The gates determine which pulses can continue to the brain. The gates regulate how quickly the information is delivered to the brain. Since the same nerve cannot carry a pain and a non-pain impulse at the same time, the stronger, non-pain impulse from the Primera device “controls the gate”, relieving pain.


Primera Unit Carrying Case 9-Volt Battery Leadwires (2) Electrodes (2 packages of 4 electrodes) Electrode Positioner Belt for the back User Manual

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