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EVO Quatro

The EVO Quatro provides the innovative technology of the EVO's new strapping and cuff system in a low-profile design, making it the ideal stabilizer for those athletes or patients that will not tolerate any bulky materials inside their shoe, yet need strong ankle support.

Low Profile Design

The boot design of the Quatro has been modified to reduce the coverage around the mid-foot and allow for unrestricted plantar flexion.

Stirrup & Stabilizing Straps

Internal stirrup strap travels through slots in the dynamic cuff and continues outside the boot to form the stabilizing straps.  This patent pending strapping system better captures the calcaneus (heel) and resists inversion or eversion of the ankle to help stabilize the talocrural and subtalar joints.

Dynamic Cuff

Ultra thin plastic cuff works in concert with strapping system to provide circumferential compression around the distal tibiofibular joint.  In addition, the dynamic cuff is now lined with Coolflex padding for improved comfort and Skinloc material to resist distal migration.


  • Inversion or eversion ankle sprains
  • Syndesmotic ankle sprains (High Ankle Sprains)
  • Medial or lateral ankle instability
  • Subtalar joint instabilit

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