EMS Primo Interferential IFC 960


The Primo Interferential 960 uses a mid-frequency electrical signal to treat muscular spasms and strains which makes it particularly effective in treating acute injuries, especially in sport. The interferential therapy (NMES) is used to relieve pain, stimulate muscles and increases local blood flow.

Primo Interferential 960 features

•Touch screen technology

• Three carrier frequencies – 2kHz, 4kHz and 8kHz

• 0-100mA peak constant or 0-70/140V peak constant voltage, depending upon mode

• NMES Treatment protocols: Pain relief, Stimulate local blood flow, OA Knee, Chronic low back pain, Acute low back pain, Fibromyalgia, Postoperative knee pain,  Stress incontinence, Urge incontinence.

• 2 independent output channels which allow 2 different treatments

• Operates in conjunction with EMS vacuum unit if required

• Easy wipe clean reducing the risk of cross-infection

• Mains powered as standard, optional battery available

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