Polar FT1 & FT2 Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor is for therapy clinics to sell to their patients that are just getting into exercising or are already fitness guru’s. A very important monitor as we push our heart to work faster and as we age.

FT1 - Basic - BLACK
- For recreational exercisers who want an easy start to fitness and taking that first step into heart rate based training. Includes Training Computor, T31 coded transmitter and "Getting Started" guide. Features below:
- Visual/Audible alarm in target zone
- Extra-large digits
- EKG accurate heart rate
- Manual heart rate target zone
- Time of day and stopwatch
- Displays a summary of the latest workout
- Coded HR transmission to avoid cross-talk
FT2 - Basic Fitness - RED - Additional automatic features below:
- Automatic heart rate zone and maximum heart rate
- Date and weekday indicator
- "Heart Touch" coded chest transmitter

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