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Kore Office Everyday Chair


Work Your Muscles Even When You’re Sitting

When you buy wobble chairs for adults, you get an ergonomic Kore product to help you with your core muscles. If your core muscles are weak, it means your back muscles will have to do twice the work to keep you upright. But that can also cause back pain. Also, when you sit on the adjustable wobble chairs, it keeps your spine aligned and doesn’t allow you to slouch. You can adjust its height to make it work with your desk, sit-stand desk, or a bar. It is the perfect companion for you whether you work in an office or from home.


Practice Active Sitting

Active sitting is also called active seating or dynamic sitting. It means sitting in a way that keeps you moving and not allowing you to stay in a single, rigid posture all day long. Active sitting promotes the natural movement of the body and helps with balance, muscle stimulation, and spinal positioning. It lets you fidget as much as you want so as not to become immobile. Although many products promote active sitting, nothing comes close to the wobble chair/stool. It is highly effective, budget-friendly, and easy to move. So, what do you say? Want to have an actually fun meeting?

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