KOR Innovations

EL1001 - Single Section Table

The EL 1001 is the most basic of Hi-Lo tables that still delivers Kor's high standard of reliability and longevity. This therapy table will allow quality therapy equipment for your clinic even on a budget. One single section top on a table that reliably goes up and down to heights of 22" - 35". *Note: This is a no frills table that can not have casters.

Kor tables all use the German Hanning motor, known for being one of the best in its class of motor. In 15 years of selling these tables we have only had to replace 1 motor on a 15 year old table. That's pretty good in our books.

No matter which Kor table you choose it will reliably serve you for 10+ years. We've been around long enough to see these tables spend years in clinics and still be in perfect working order.

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