Dynatron 900+ Traction System

The TX900+ provides accurate traction setups for the following four modes: Static, Intermittent, Harmonic, and Stepless Progressive. Operated by Tactile buttons and knob controls the TX900 can be set in pounds, kilograms or newtons that can be adjusted at any time during therapy. Produces a maximum traction force of 200 pounds. Comes with adjustable traction speed and timer. Comes with Traction System, hand screws and remote stop.

Conversion kit, belts and accessories optional.


IMPORTANT: Traction Therapy must be prescribed by a licensed practitioner following an appropriate physical examination and diagnostic analysis. The Dynatron 900+ Traction system is intended for medical purposes for use in conjunction with traction accessories such as belts and harnesses to exert therapeutic pulling forces on the patient?s body primarily for the cervical and lumbar areas.

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