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ASO Vortex

The ASO Vortex delivers the proven technology of the figure-eight stabilizing strap in an ultra low-profile design, making it the ideal stabilizer for those athletes or patients that will not tolerate any bulky materials inside their shoe

Low Profile Design

The Vortex does not have a boot. It only has an upper body member, stabilizing straps, and an elastic cuff. The stabilizing straps are the only materials that spiral around the foot inside the shoe.

Stabilizing Straps

Nylon stabilizing straps form a complete figure eight to help stabilize the subtalar and talocrural joints. Stabilizing straps are angled at the attachment to better contour above the malleoli for enhanced comfort and migration resistance

Upper Body Member

Upgraded upper body member now has four eyelets and an internal plastic rib to better anchor the stabilizing straps around the malleoli and resist distal migration


  • Inversion or eversion ankle sprains
  • Medial or lateral ankle instability
  • Subtalar joint instability

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