FDI Crutches

Access Forearm Crutch

ACCESS Forearm Crutches

The cutting edges design of the new Access forearm crutch is more than a mere styling exercise; it is crafted for everyday life and engineered for the high demands of active users.



Modern design with soft replaceable forearm pad

3.6” (9.2cm) deep cuff maximizes comfort and security

Each crutch weighs only 1.01 lbs (460g)

Ultra-soft replaceable grips with easy push button release

Height selection locking device with safety clip

Epoxy coated 5086 aluminum legs for maximum strength and long term durability

Flexible crutch tip design maximizes surface contact at angle

Maximum user weight is 286 lbs (130kg)

Complies to CE (EU Directive 93/42/EEC) and European Norm ISO 11334-1

HCPCS: E0110 and E0111

Latex free


Available in Black, and Blue



User Height Range:  4'3" - 6'6" (130 - 200 cm)

Weight per crutch: 1.01 lbs (460 g)

Maximum user weight: 286 lbs (130 kg)

Height - Grip to floor range: 26.0 – 37.8" (66 – 96 cm)

Height Adjustment Increments: 14 x 1" (2.5 cm)

Distance between handle and cuff top: 10.0"(25.4 cm)

Leg tube diameter (upper/lower O.D.): 0.87"/0.75" (22/19mm)



Available Parts & Accessories:

FDI Replacement Grips (Item# 515-GB)

FDI Replacement Crutch Tips (Item# 515-GB) 

FDI Tripod Crutch Tip (Item# 515-TP)

FDI Safety Clip Height Adjuster (Item# 515-LP)

FDI Forearm Strap with easy release (Item# 515-FS)

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