Product Display

Patient compliance is the base of success in any rehab program. Make it easier for your patients to comply by offering the exact products they need in your clinic.

We've made it super easy and risk free

How it works: Pick any products from the HealthMed selection that you want to carry. If you're not sure we can guide you.
Use a display shelf that you already have or ask us about the ones that we have available.
You have a total of 3 months to see if this is going to work for you.

After 3 months is over you then pay us for everything in your display box (and hopefully order more) or if it didn't workout you can send it all back to us and pay for anything that did sell

What if I want to try a new product? Even after your 3 months is over you any new product gets another 3 month risk free trial.

What if I sell out before 3 months: Congrats! Your display is working for you. Call us and we'll send you more products. It will be billed on your regular net 20 terms.

Remember: If you buy 20 of any one product you get an additional 7% off. Mix and Match in colours and sizes allowed