Dynatron 525T 2 Channel IFC

Dynatronics builds modalities that impress us with function and longevity. We love recommending this unit because we know it will last and be a reliable part of your team. The D525T is a 2 Channel IFC.

Dynatronics devices use what we call the follow the bouncing ball of set up making it fast and easy to start a treatment. There are no menus to scroll through. If you're in a busy clinic dealing with settings can be time consuming. The dynatron is your solution.


Interferential, Premodulated, Biphasic, Hi Volt, Russian Stim

Separate channel for Hi Volt. This is a unique safety feature to dynatronics that will never allow you to accidentally set up a hi volt treatment unless you mean to

Target and Target Sweep Mode - Unique to Dynatronics, use the integrated mousepad to choose where you want your intersection point to be. Get directly to the source of your patients pain!

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